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Week 1 OVER

So week one of lifestyle shift is over. What I’ve been doing is trying to start being really strict with meal times, types of foods, exercise, etc. My hope is that Ill be creating habits that are healthier and become more second nature rather than being so forced. 

One thing that I have found to be really successful (that I normally WOULDN’T do and I hear is bad..) is using the MyFitnessPal app to literally count and log every single thing that I ingest to just get a better idea of exactly what I’m putting into my body. I’ve found that this really helps me manage and rethink food in a way that makes me critically think, “How can I get more bang for my buck”. it also is cool because if you are interested in weightloss at the end of every food log it tells you “If Every Day were like today You’d weigh x amount in 5 weeks, which I’m finding can be motivating in a positive and negative way. It also helps you to see what percentage of your diet is Carbs vs. Fats vs. Protein which is also cool. 

Another thing is taking things out. I’ve stopped drinking soda and fruit juices. All trans fats. I’ve also been trying to avoid anything with fructose corn syrup (VERY difficult to do). 

Since I’ve reduced my caloric intake pretty drastically (Typically a big eater) I’ve found it really helpful to have little snacks all throughout the day and LOTS of water so I don’t get hangry ;-)

So now that Week 1 is over and I’ve made some shifts it’s time to start up the juicer… I think we are going to try some recopies this week and see what the best ones are going to be then experiment throughout the summer. One big help is “The Juicing Bible - Second Edition” by Pat Crocker cause that way you don’t have to guess or look up or search for recipes. 

I just hope that I’m able to notice as big of a change every week as I do this week. Its been a struggle some times but mostly all been positive and at least for now I’m not missing all the bad stuff I used to crave all the time and I’m having higher energy… Only time is going to tell. Ill keep blogging the meals I really like too with cal counts, ingredients, and any special prep. - <3 JMV

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